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Our trip to Sweden June/July 2001

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Friday June 22nd, 2001

We just arrived in Gothenburg a little while ago.  Checked into the hotel and decided to go out for a walk.  It's Friday and this weekend they celebrate Midsummer's Day on Sunday, which is a big celebration here.  Similar to our Thanksgiving holiday.  Everyone is out on vacations and we couldn't even find a rental car.  When we got to the airport, everything was closing down.  We took a taxi to the city and spent the weekend sightseeing.  Here's Mark holding up a tourist map!  We are ready to go!


Saturday, June 23rd

This time of the year, the sun rises at 3:00 am and sets at 12:00 am.  Yes!  Only 3 hours of darkness.  In the winter, the opposite occurs: Sun rises at 12:00 pm and sets at around 3:00 pm.  So we have lots of time to sightsee!  Today we took the Paddan Boat ride tour of Göteborg's 17th century canals. Apart from a trip on the canals in these characteristic Göteborg sightseeing boats, the tour affords an excellent view of the harbor and its many landmarks.  We also rode the trams around town and got to see all the downtown area.  

Saturday, June 23rd

We went to the Elfborg Fastning (fortress) which was built in 1670 to guard against the invading Danish.  Today it is a very pretty museum.  We walked some more around the city and had dinner at a nice Mediterranean restaurant. We are staying at a five star hotel, Göteborg's Elite Plaza. The best in Gothenburg.  Volvo paid our first night.  Here we did our e-mail, browsed the web, you name it..  The room was very nice and the best real Queen size bed in all of Sweden..  Even in high class hotels, you get twin beds put together when you request a queen.  

Sunday, June 24th, Midsummer Day!

Today we did a lot of walking around the Avenyn, took the trams around town.  Visited the Gota Platzen (Gothenburg's Plaza) and here is a photo of the famous fountain of Neptune, by Carl Milles.  We also walked to the Skansen Kronen, which is another fortress at the top of a hill.


Sunday, June 24th

Of course, every now and then we would take a little break.  Here's Mark enjoying a nice cold Swedish beer, while I was pouring over the maps and city guides, trying to find what to do next....  Tomorrow we are going to the Volvo factory to pick up our Cross Country!

Monday, June 25th

This morning Volvo sent a limousine to pick us up at the hotel.  We took the Volvo factory tour and had lunch after all the paperwork was completed.  We were in such a rush to get going on our trip, that we didn't take any photos of the factory..  But here is one we took on our way to Tjoloholm Slott (castle) in Fjaras, our first sightseeing stop.  Then on to Varberg.  Here we saw the Varberg Fortress & the town's plaza and stayed overnight.

Tuesday, June 26th

From Varberg, we drove south to Halmstad.  There we saw another famous fountain by Carl Milles, Europa & the Bull (that's me and my Markie!) in the plaza. We also visited St. Nikolai Church and the Halmstad Castle.  Afterwards we had a very lovely lunch overlooking the plaza and the people buying fruits, flowers, etc, around the fountain.  Real pretty!  We kept driving south and entered Hoganas, a little town where they have lots of ceramic factories, and did a little browsing around there..

Tuesday, June 26th

On the road again...  After Hoganas, we drove to Sofiero Slott (castle) in Helsingborg.  Walking around the castle, we met the head Chef.  This castle is a museum during the day and a fine restaurant in the evening.  We didn't have reservations and they are booked  months in advance.  The chef talked with us for about an hour!  Real nice fellow. Sofiero Slott is famous for it's fine gardens.  It also has a very beautiful history, as most castles do. Across the bay, you see the city of Helsingoor, which lies in Denmark.

Wednesday, June 27th

Last night we arrived in Malmo.  We did a little walking around town and ate dinner at a very exclusive restaurant.  This morning we drove out to the university town of Lund.  Very charming and quaint!!  Here we saw the Lund Domkyrka/Cathedral, a very old church build in year 1123.  Next to it is the university of Lund, which is the seacond oldest university in Sweden. Inside the cathedral, there are several crypts of dead kings.  Very interesting!  There are lots of little stores and cafes lining the main street. We had a very lovely lunch at a cafe and spoke to the young waiter, who is studying at the university.  Real cute fellow..

Wednesday, June 27th

Here at Lund's Domkyrka, is the world famous ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK, which was constructed during the years 1300+ and still works perfectly!  It not only tells the time and the date, but it stages a tournament from the Middle Ages, complete with flashing knights and the blare of trumpets.  Then the Three Wise Men come out to pay homage to the Virgin and Child. All this when the clock strikes 12:00 noon.  That was something to see!! We then walked around a little more and met a Spaniard who owns a Mexican cafe.  He offered us coffee and we chatted for a while.  


Wednesday, June 27th

After returning from Lund, we spent the afternoon and evening in Malmo.  There we saw the fountain at Stortoget Square, Malmohus castle, St. Peter's Church and walked around the famous Lilla Torg.where they have lots of cafes, restaurants and shops. Tonight we ate dinner at an outdoor Indian restaurant.  It was a beautiful night, with the plaza very animated.  Lots of people walking around, drinking and eating at the outdoor cafes.  Definitely, the Europeans know how to enjoy life...

Thursday, June 28th

Arrived in Copenhagen this morning.  Left Malmo and crossed the Oresund bridge, which connects Malmo in Sweden, to Copenhagen, Denmark.  We checked into the hotel and went around for a walk in the city.  Here is an artisan painting a dessert plate at the famous Royal Copenhagen Ceramics.  We walked and walked!!  Copenhagen is real big.  We walked up the Rundetarn (Round tower), which is a 17th century observatory attached to a church. It offers some real panoramic views of the city.

Thursday, June 28th

We then had dinner at a nice Spanish restaurant that I had found in our travel book. The food was excellent!  The owner, Francisco, a Spaniard, got a kick out of finding out that Carmen was Cuban.  He brought us appetizers and a dessert on the house.  We took pictures of him and the waitress and then sent it to them when we got back home.  Afterwards we visited the "Erotica Museum"...  Very funny place!  Hee, hee...


Friday, June 29th

Walked around Nyhavn (new haven) and took a boat tour around Copenhagen's canals.  Saw the famous Little Mermaid and lots of other places.  Visited lots of old churches and little plazas here and there, with their crowded outside cafes.  Saw Frederikborg Castle and Amalienborg Slott.

Friday, June 29th

Rosenborg Castle & Botanical Gardens.  Beautiful!!  Next to it is the Rundetarn Observatory and the Botanical museum.  We also took a bus tour around the city.  It was very interesting.  It took us around most of the important points of interests.  Later on at night we went to the plaza close to our hotel, to have a beer and we met another interesting couple.  Roxanna from Chile and Camilo, from Cuba.  They live in Copenhagen.


Saturday, June 30th

Our last day in Copenhagen. We walked to Christiania, in the island of Christianshavn and went to Von Frelsers Kirken (Our Savior's church), a baroque church with an external tower staircase that dates from 1696. Legend has it that the staircase was constructed the wrong way.  After the architect climbed to the top, he realized what he had done and committed suicide by jumping.  Just to be safe, Carmen let Mark go all the way up and waited for him safely on the ground..  Ha, ha!!  He took some real awesome photos and movie footage as well.  All in all, Mark took close to 1,000 photos with our digital camera & Carmen was mostly in charge of taking the movies!  

Sunday, July 1st

Early in the morning, we left Copenhagen and drove across the Oresund bridge to Malmo.  We drove straight to Vaxjo, the Kingdom of Glass and had a great time shopping for "Kristal, as they call it.  In Sweden, "Glass" is Ice Cream and our Glass is either "glas or kristal". They are world famous for their glass art. All their famous "Glasbruk" or glassworks is here.  Kosta Boda, Orrefors, and all the others. We bought a few pieces here and there.  One was one of a kind.  The owner of Pukeberg Glasbruk had a cute duck on the side that was not for sale, but when Carmen went over to inquire, he let her have it.  That was real nice of him...  Later on we visited the Vaxjo Domkyrka and met a young teacher at the park. We talked for a while and had some interesting conversation.

Monday, July 2nd

After spending the morning visiting some more glasbruk and watching the artisans make the glass pieces, we continued on our journey and arrived at the town of Kalmar, in the southeastern part of Sweden.  There we did some more sightseeing, saw the Kalmar Slott (castle) and drove around the city.  Visited their cathedral and had a "gamy" dinner consisting of Wild Boar, Elk, Moose and Pheasant.. Quite interesting.

Tuesday, July 3rd

In the morning, we drove across the bridge to the island of Oland.  There we saw the summer residence of the Swedish Royalty, Solliden and the Borgholm Slott, which is in ruins.  We walked around the little town of Borgholm and then drove around some more and saw some pretty country side and quite a few windmills.  Afterwards we drove back into Kalmar and north to Stockholm, where we stayed for a couple of days.

Wednesday, July 4th

We walked around Stockholm.  What a beautiful city!  We were both charmed by it.  It's a big city, similar to Copenhagen, but cleaner in every respect.  We loved the Gamla Stan (old town) with it's little shops & outdoor cafes. We went to see the Royal Palace and took both, a boat and a bus tour of the city and spent some time at Gustav Adolfs Torg, the big square. 

Thursday, July 5th

We drove north to see the Skokloster Slott, a 17th Century castle, near Lake Malaren and then drove over to Sigtuna, which is Sweden's oldest town. There walked around and saw some old castle ruins and had lunch at the town's oldest tavern.  Afterwards we drove further north into Uppsala, the oldest & major university town in Sweden.  We saw the Uppsala Domkyrka, the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, founded in the 13th century.  There lies several kings buried in their crypts and also St. Erik, patron saint of Sweden.  

Thursday, July 5th

While in Uppsala, we drove over to their old city, Gamla Uppsala, where we saw the Vikings Burial Mounds.  These date from the times of Christ, when the Vikings were the rulers in these lands.  When a Viking king died, he was buried with his treasures.  Similar to the Egyptians.  It was a very interesting place to go see.  We also saw the old church that was built over an ancient pagan temple. Before the Uppsala Domkyrka was built, many Swedish kings were crowned in the little church.

Friday, July 6th

We woke up early and drove all the way from Stockholm, to Gothenburg.  We had to return the car to the Volvo factory, for them to later on ship it to us in the States. The ride was real pretty, around Lake Vanern, one of it's many lakes.  There are over 100,000 lakes in Sweden. By the time we got to the hotel, it was getting late.  We had dinner and went out for a walk.

Saturday, July 7th

Our last sightseeing day in Sweden. We back in Gothenburg and this time we took it easy, did some last minute shopping (like buying an extra suitcase to bring some of the stuff we bought..) and prepared ourselves for our early trip back home next day.


These are just a few of the many photos we took on this trip. We took lots of real pretty ones, but we chose these, to give you a better idea of our sightseeing experience.  Hope you enjoyed the tour..


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